“Mahua Le Meur has been drawing for as long as she can remember. She was sketching even as a small child growing up in India.

As an art student in Gujarat she paid her dues to the study of landscapes and still life, but her overriding interest, her obsession as she calls it, is in people. Mahua is less concerned with creating a faithful likeness of a subject than in capturing what interests her most about a face or a body.

Mahua has lived outside India since 1997, first in Korea, then Japan, France and now in Dublin, Ireland.

Even before she travelled abroad India offered its own myriad influences. Bengali by parentage, Mahua was born in Agra, grew up in Delhi, and then spent a number of years at university in Gujarat, first studying fine art and then training as a textile designer. Although she chose not to pursue textile design as a profession, it informs the characteristic sense of colour, light and texture in her paintings.

Looking at Mahua’s work, the viewer is struck by the unselfconscious and free spirited juxtaposition of colour- the recurring burnt reds, oranges and browns used alongside vibrant limes and blues.”

Excerpt from write-up by Fiona Wilson, Tokyo Correspondent, The Art Newspaper. 2001